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08 December 2021
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  • Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park

Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park

The botanic park, an area that has integrated the old agricultural land, has presently around 11 walled hectares and is crossed by a stream which runs on the surface initially and then has a piped segment. It dates from the XVIII century. This solution allowed the construction of large terraces which support the platform where the palace stands.

Tradition tells us that the botanic garden was started by Domingos Vandelli, in the second half of the XVIII century, during the tenancy of the 3rd Marquis of Angeja. A plausible but unconfirmed information tells us that the garden, with its special characteristics, motivated the Palmela Family in the XIX century to continue adding to the botanic garden tradition. The first Araucaria heterophylla known in mainland Portugal can be found here.

After the purchase by the State in 1975, restoration and adaptation works were carried out on in the property and the botanic garden, preserving their major characteristics – the garden, the rosarium, the orchard, the meadows, the pine woods and the vegetable garden, as well as implementing the botanical diversity.

Botinical Park of Monteiro-Mor image
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