Thirty minutes are exactly thirty and there is not one minute to waste. Just for some first impressions – for there is no time for more – we suggest a visit to the exhibition presented on the first floor in the main salon.

A unique space in the building, formal despite the light and amiable tone of the stuccoes on its ceiling, it is the right place for surprises: an area dedicated to temporary exhibitions, showing sometimes Baroque costumes, with their sumptuous fabrics, richly decorated with lace – which features in particular on men’s attire – rich in its forms and construction, complex in its way of dressing, with so many undergarments. The courtly costumes tell us stories about eighteenth century fashions, while throwing an interested look on the way of dressing that is coming next and that the French Empire disseminated.

But if the latter is not found, you will certainly encounter a temporary exhibition of items belonging to the collection of the National Museum of Costume, in a line entitled Collections in Detail that intends, in this way, to give the public a chance of seeing the vast collection of costumes and accessories that have been gathered in over three decades of the Museum’s existence.