A trip to Lumiar is well worth the journey, especially if you have two hours to spend, sufficient time for a visit both to see the inside and the outside of the property and its grounds.

If the weather is a little rough, a stroll through the historic garden, more sheltered, allows for a leisurely walk through the various levels that grace the side of the hill going down towards the stream, at the bottom of the valley, more abrupt on the side of the palace, softer at the frontier of the hill. Various lakes and tanks house fishes, ducks and, occasionally, other birds in their migration transit. One can see here some of the more curious botanical specimens, among which the araucaria – the oldest in Portugal planted in the open air.

But if the weather is pleasant, going down the main staircase and taking a walk among the meadows, by the stream, allows one to enjoy the sun and the fresh air. The return through the woods is a pleasure and easy-going and the path back to the museum can be made across the vegetable gardens area, at present also open to the community in a project entitled Urban Vegetable Plots.

After such a pleasant and romantic promenade, a visit to the main rooms of the Museum that exhibit costumes from the Romantic and Belle Époque periods is recommended. In these rooms, a joyous and light spirit prevails and in one of them Nature itself reigns: mural paintings and even the doors evoke nature presenting vegetal and floral motifs, birds and courtly scenes interspersed with other motifs more to the taste of the Empire Style. The costumes, mostly women’s, illustrate the evolution of the silhouette as well as of patterns and fabrics, complemented by the various accessories exhibited.